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What is MCAP?

Money Concepts has launched a brand-new program for some of our most advanced financial planners. This group was carefully selected to uphold the highest standard of character, commitment, and competence to ensure that a strong foundation is set for sustainable, highly impactful growth.

The MCAP unit aims to develop top-tier financial planning solutions to high-net-worth clients through a collaborative approach, creating processes along the way that can later be shared with the entire Money Concepts community. 

Through consistent collaboration, members delve deep into both common and unique financial scenarios, crafting best practices that will continually educate keep our community at the forefront of financial planning innovation.

How can this enhance my practice?

Our MCAP philosophy is simple: “you don’t have to know everything, you just have to call us.”

Every MCAP member wants to see you succeed, and their efforts are all centered around that goal. From lightening your workload to collaborating on cases, we want this partnership to leave you feeling confident and primed for success.

  • Attract and retain the new generation of clients
  • Expand your practice with new offerings
  • Open up new planning opportunities
  • Increase client satisfaction and retention
  • Expand specialized offerings
  • Gain experience in new areas
  • Increase your business
  • Do business with confidence

Doing what is best for my clients and moving them closer to their goals has always been my top priority. Working with the MCAP group has expanded my knowledge and resources to do just that at an extremely elevated level. I am having deeper, more confident conversations with clients. We now have the ability to not only impact our clients' lives, but also change generational trajectories—and that feels pretty amazing.

How to work with an MCAP member?

We wanted our partnering process to be simple; our focus should be placed on helping you grow your business, not getting lost in paperwork.

Here are a few resources outlining the general structure and proceedings that we recommend you look at before our first call.


MCAP Members

Chris Puffer

Financial Planner, President CCG

Chris Blair, CFP®

Founder, Maestro Associates

Nathan Boyle, MS, CFP®, MRFC®

VP, CIP, & Wealth Advisor, Peterman Financial Group

Tyler Braun

Director of Financial Planning

Tom DeJong

President, The Planning Firm

Brian Dodds, CEP®

Network Director, The Tailwind Network

Kyle Hackney, MBA

President, Money Concepts

Cindy Helman, RFC, CFS®

Owner, Wisebridge Wealth Management

Candace Kearney

President, Money Concepts

Andrew Lee

Network Director, Money Concepts

Breanna Warren, CFP®, CDS®

Owner, Apex Wealth Management; Co-Network Director, Artisan Network

MCAP Facilitators

Allen Porter

Sr. Vice President of Marketing and Business Development, Money Concepts

Duane Porter

Vice President of Professional Development, Money Concepts

Melissa Jaworski

Director of Marketing, Money Concepts

Mike Sorensen

National Director of Insurance Solutions, The Pinnacle Group

Have a client opportunity or a situation that you would like to discuss?

Resource Library

Looking for ways to open up a planning discussion with clients? Here are some conversation starters and client-facing resources with a proven track record of success among our MCAP advisors.
  • Get started with Retirees
  • Get started with High Net Worth
  • Get started with High-Earner, Not Yet Rich (HENRY)
  • Get started with Business Owners
  • Wealth & Generational Planning Playbook

Let's Partner Together

If you would like to team up with an MCAP Unit member to help expand your firm’s capabilities or the scope of your team, please contact us by filling out the form below or emailing

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